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KadAfrica Passion Fruit Farms

KadAfrica is the vision of Eric and Rebecca Kaduru—two young entrepreneurs who never imagined themselves living in the upcountry hills of Western Uganda, let alone farming! Located in Fort Portal, Uganda, the 27 acre KadAfrica Estate supplies fresh fruit and vegetables to lodges, hotels, and supermarkets in Kabarole District as well Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. KadAfrica looks to challenge the status quo though utilization of drip irrigation and greenhouse technology. Since its incorporation in May of 2011, the agribusiness is poised to become one of Uganda’s largest horticulture projects, and is currently Kabarole District’s largest drip-irrigated horticulture farm.

Eric and Rebecca—representing the San Francisco Giants all the way in Uganda.

Through a strategic partnership solidified in July 2012 with the U.S. based venture capital firm, the Mango Fund, KadAfrica has moved into commercial production of export quality passion fruit. On its five-acre fully irrigated passion fruit plantation, KadAfrica supplies markets country wide as well as juice companies such as Coca Cola with fresh purple passion fruit for the production of juice and pulp. Additionally, KadAfrica passion fruit can now be found in markets in London, United Kingdom.

Amidst growing production levels and an expanding repertoire of produce, Eric and Rebecca strive to maintain a social aspect to KadAfrica. KadAfrica operates with the mission, “to empower the youth and small farmers, and equip them with new skills and techniques in production, quality packaging, and marketing for increased incomes,” which it achieves through the offering of trainings at the technologically equipped KadAfrica Estate in Kiburara village and at its teaching facility in the Rwengoma area of Fort Portal town.

KadAfrica further ensures a minimum of 50% of its employees are women in a community where women and young girls are usually uneducated, and expected to be the main breadwinners. Instead of hoping a small surplus can become income to support their families, KadAfrica employs and trains women and girls on how to maximize their yields for increased incomes. KadAfrica looks to end the cycle of women as subsistence farmers by providing them with the means necessary to feed their families and provide themselves and daughters with an education.

A woman learns to trellis passion fruit vines at the KadAfrica Estate.

A woman learns to trellis passion fruit vines at the KadAfrica Estate.

In May 2013, KadAfrica was able to scale up its model through a public-private partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Caritas, and the Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal. The Girls Agro INvestment (GAIN) project  provides out of school girls with the financial, entrepreneurial, and life skills as well as physical resources, such as land and inputs, needed to provide sustainable livelihood options.

KadAfrica and CRS designed an innovative out grower model, where out of school girls are grouped throughout 6 parishes in Kyenjojo District on plots of between 1.5 to 3 acres to promote cooperative support, reduced transport costs, and bulk marketing of passion fruit.  Girls are provided with a 240 square meter plot of land, 45 stems of passion fruit, and a ready market for their produce through KadAfrica.  A unique feature and innovation of the GAIN program is the use of church land made available to landless GAIN members through a post-paid rental plan.  This innovation helps address the lack of access to resources facing rural out of school girls, while allowing local church partners to introduce more sustainable development interventions and to use their local resources more strategically.

Over the 2.5 year project lifespan, 1,500 out of school girls will be trained in managing an agribusiness as well as learning to save and manage money. By October 2014, KadAfrica will be purchasing at fair market value an additional 87.5 acres of passion fruit under cultivation by the GAIN girls and transporting it for urban wholesale —making it one of the biggest horticulture projects in Uganda and the first to pilot the use of church land for commercial scale agribusiness development.

Fruit being sorted for export to the United Kingdom.

Fruit being sorted for export to the United Kingdom.

KadAfrica promotes entrepreneurship through agriculture as it challenges the cultural stereotypes that dictate sector development in Uganda. For more information on KadAfrica, email info@kadafrica.org. To make a donation to KadAfrica via PayPal, use the following link: KadAfrica.

The KadAfrica Estate from a half mile away in July 2012.


22 thoughts on “About KadAfrica

  1. Rebecca………….. your last blog…………. the ministry of agriculture should hire you for your observations of your area. A remarkable essay about diversification. poppy ralph

  2. It’s been very interesting to read about your experience of setting up the farm. Can we use some of the photos from your blog to illustrate an article on growing passion fruit? It is for an educational magazine for East African primary schools, the Young African Express.
    Thank you

    • Hi Katherine,
      Thanks for reading. You are welcome to use some of our photos, though we would prefer if you would cite us as the source to direct traffic our way.

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Your work is inspiring and encouraging to farmers like me. I am heading a passion fruit project in western kenya-kakamega and in dire need of a good market for my fruits, how may you help?

  4. Hi Rebecca and Eric.
    Am fascinated by your efforts and determination and wish you success, I read the seed of Gold article in the monitor daily featuring Kadafrica and noticed that although am interested in growing passion fruit am in central Uganda where the altitude is just 1605m. Please advise.



  5. Steven though your in central still u can do it successfully. I advise u to visit their farm. Because western KP4 variety performs better. they might get u avariety favoured by yo climate.
    Am just from their farm en am now equiped

  6. I’m growing local passion fruits in central Uganda and have challenges with marketing. Can I be one of your out growers and therefore supply you with passion fruits? How possible is it to access the brands that you grow? I Rosette

  7. Iread your adverts on farm harvest ,how can kad africa be of help to us in the north? We grow the yellow variety mainly,can those varietes of kenya perform here? Try use of nets as support not wires , you may get better results. Nelson.

  8. Inspiring blog! Been trying to grow passion fruits for a while and ours have started blooming! I am glad there are other like minded individuals like my husband and I…. keep on…

  9. Am so inspired with your work.I have seriusly fallen in love with the passion fruit farming work.Am in kampala and i need to begin on the same,can I come for a training.

  10. Hi Eric and Rebecca, I am trying to reach on direct mail or, even better, by phone. I work with PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) – U. I would love to have some discussions with you, please. Thanks.

  11. hi
    having read enough materials on agribusiness.am interested to start my own passion fruits business.may i request for your counsel ie training,

  12. Great work Eric and Rebecca
    would you please give me information about your training program and the charges. i am really interested in passion fruit farming.
    isaac Bushenyi

  13. I work with the Children and Wives of Disabled Soldiers Association (CAWODISA) and we want to start up a passion fruit farm at Mubende, should we come over to your farm for technical support & exposure? JOHN

  14. kadAfrica thanks for the good inspiring blog. iam a graduate from kyambogo university and I would like to also start up a passion fruit farm but I lack advise on how to do it thus need some help and guidance from you please… I stay in fortportal town. thanks for educating the world

    • Hi Alex. Apologies, we are currently migrating our email to another system and it seems like you caught us at just the wrong time! Please send us a private message on our Facebook page and we will be sure to get back to you.

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