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The Unreasonable Man

Please forgive us in advance… posts over this month might begin to get repetitive. We are very excited to have been named Unreasonable Fellows for the 2014 inaugural class of the Unreasonable Institute East Africa. The Unreasonable Institute uses the following model:

Unreasonable Model

To participate we are required to contribute for our tuition… meaning that we have one month to raise $4000. We are hoping that you all—our family, friends, and followers—can help us achieve this goal. Unreasonable is registered as a 501c3 in the United States, so donations are 100% tax-deductible. Any contribution helps!

Unreasonable EA

Yes, we have already posted this on our Facebook page… and you can probably expect an email over the next few days. We appreciate everyone’s continued support and hope that you can pass on the below link to the Unreasonable Marketplace to your friends and family as well to help us expand our network. Please read about the Unreasonable Institute and track our progress!

Click here to support KadAfrica on the Unreasonable Marketplace